Are You My Next MVP?

Posted on: Apr 22, 2014

Categories: Leadership

Five Guys Burgers and FriesDoes your attitude matter if you’re more or less getting the job done?

Let’s say you serve burgers for a living — does it really matter how much enthusiasm you put into serving those burgers, as long as they’re hot and they make it to the customer?

My answer is yes. Your attitude matters in all stages of your career, and I have an amazing story to prove it.

I heard this story while I was having dinner with Brian Gullbrants, the EVP and General Manager of Wynn Las Vegas, one of the nicest hotels not only in Las Vegas, but in the country.

Because Brian has worked in hospitality for over 25 years, 20 of which were spent at the Ritz Carlton, he holds his team to the highest standard of excellence (check out FRONT ROW with Brian Gullbrants: How to Create Excellence Every Day if you haven’t already) and he has an eye for amazing service and the people who provide it.

Brian had recently taken his family to Five Guys Burgers and Fries. When he arrived, he noticed a smiling, enthusiastic young woman cleaning the smudges off of the glass doors. When Brian and his family walked up, the young woman opened the door for them and welcomed them in. Throughout the meal, Brian watched as the young woman dove into her work, asking customers if they were enjoying their food, if she could get them anything, cleaning the dining area, and looking for anything she could do to improve the customers’ experience.

Brian was so impressed, he approached the young woman before his family left and gave her his card, telling her that she possessed the work ethic and attitude of the people that the Wynn is always looking to invite into its family.

When she later came in for an interview, Brian was again impressed with her professionalism and contagious enthusiasm. Unfortunately, it turned out that she was still in high school and therefore ineligible to work at the Wynn. But Brian reassured her that the Wynn would always have a spot for people like her, as soon as she graduated high school.

You never know who is going to walk into your store, call your office, or stop by for a quick meeting, so it’s best to get into the habit of having an amazing attitude and an amazing level of service 100% of the time.

Excellent customer service means excellent service for every customer. If you treat every person like they are your favorite customer, just imagine what opportunities might arise.

Don’t be afraid to stand out and be your amazing self.

The next time you open the door for a customer, they just may end up being your new boss.

*Image courtesy Jazz Guy

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