7 Ways to Blow it on Valentine’s Day

Posted on: Feb 11, 2014

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.Valentine’s Day can be a tricky holiday, especially for those in relationships that are just starting out, and perhaps even more so for those who have been in relationships long enough to have experienced every Valentine’s Day cliche under the sun.

It’s important to remember that not everyone is going to celebrate Valentine’s Day the same way, and the best way to show love to someone is to take their love language into consideration. If you don’t know what your or your significant other’s love language is, try taking this quiz by Gary Chapman, the author of “The Five Love Languages.”

To get you started in your Valentine’s Day plans, here are 7 things to do and 7 things NOT to do on Valentine’s Day. Thanks to Dave Coleman (a.k.a. the Dating Doctor) for your input on this blog post! Check out Dave’s website for more great ideas: www.datingdoctor.com.

7 Things NOT to do on Valentine’s Day

1. Forget that it’s Valentine’s Day.

2. Buy a dozen roses. Instead, give her just one of her favorite flower and avoid all the “dozen roses” cliches. Try tulips or peonies — anything other than roses.

3. Ask her to split the bill and/or chip in for gas. Instead say, “It’s such an honor to be with you. I hope you will allow me to pay for this evening.”

4. Not give him/her anything because “it’s too early to tell where this relationship is going.” If you do this, then you just made that decision for yourself. Even if it’s your first date, don’t show up empty handed.

5. Go sit in a restaurant like Applebees for your whole evening. If you want to have a real romantic dinner, try a progressive dinner date, moving from restaurant to restaurant for each course. This model allows you to escape overly-crowded restaurants to move on to the next, and it ensures that you’ll never get bored throughout the course of your meal.

6. Give your gift on Valentine’s Day. Instead, give it one day early with a note that says, “No one as special as you should have to wait another day.” The definition of romance is to perform an ordinary act of love at an unexpected time. If you wait until Valentine’s Day, there will be nothing unexpected about your gift.

7. Ask someone out on February 13th so you won’t be alone on the 14th and then never call them again.

7 Things TO do on Valentine’s Day

1. Sprinkle her doorstep with Hershey’s kisses when you go to pick her up. When she opens the door, you can say, “I’ve already kissed the ground you walk on. Now will you go out with me?”

2. Surprise your significant other with little notes throughout the day. Leave notes their computer, on the milk jug in the fridge, by his keys, or in her purse.

3. Get out of your comfort zone. Hit the snooze on the mac-n-cheese-on-the-couch combo, and try something new — a new restaurant, shop, or activity. Just make sure that your partner likes it too.

4. Go as a group. If it’s a new relationship and you’re not sure where it’s headed, get a group together for the evening. Take the pressure off your night and enjoy a good time with your date among good friends.

5. Offer to cook a romantic meal. Particularly if you aren’t the one usually manning the stove. (Bonus: Make it a themed meal by basing your menu off of a popular movie. It’s dinner and a show!)

6. Make something for your significant other, such as a coupon book with 14 redeemable coupons for favors such as “One home-cooked meal” or “One clean car.”

7. Let there be more than one Valentine’s Day every year. You shouldn’t need to be compelled to do something nice for the one you love just because of the day of the year — why not celebrate the 14th of every month?

Bonus: Send your mom a Valentine’s Day or card with a note letting her know she is and will always be an amazing part of your life.


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