How to Win at Rewards Programs

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I’ve traveled hundreds of thousands of miles in my career going from one speaking appearance to another, and after all of those flights, I’ve learned how to leverage my rewards programs.

You may think that you only fly Delta or stay at Hilton, but you will go places where those are not open to you. That’s why the best way to win at rewards programs is by signing up for all of them.

Every car rental company. Every hotel chain. Every airline.

That way, no trip will go wasted. Some programs will even allow you to funnel points from one company into another, and there’s an app called Key Ring that can keep track of every single rewards number for you.

Spend two hours, and sign up for everything. I promise, your travel budget will thank you later.

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  1. Ron

    Take 2 hours to sign up for all the rewards. Now each day you will get about 10 emails from all of these rewards programs. You will get stuff in the mail too. If you are not disciplined your suggestion could cost someone 30 minutes a day in lost productivity looking at all the promotions/statements/etc.

    1. Curtis Post author

      Hi Ron, thanks for your comment! It’s true–once they have your information, they will want to share their products with you, and sorting through junk mail is a huge waste of time. However, on nearly every account I’ve ever signed up for, there has been an option to select to not have anything mails, electronic or otherwise, to me. I usually go for this option because it allows me to gain the benefits and rewards I want without having to filter through every promotion the company has. Thanks for reading!