Transitioning Gracefully

You all know Curtis. He’s the reason you’re reading this in the first place. You don’t know me. My name is Esther and I’ve been working at the Curtis Zimmerman Group for a little over a year now as the […]

Do You Have to Ask?

This is a complaint about Millennials I’ve heard a number of times from frustrated senior members of a company: They have to ask. Part of the frustration comes from the fact that a lot of the Millennials’ questions seem foolish […]

4 Rules for Asking for Feedback

It isn’t easy to know how you’re doing these days. This is Caroline, Curtis’ Millennial marketing manager, and I don’t know if it’s a certain neediness for affirmation of our generation or a reticence of the one before us—or some […]

One Year with the Zimmerman Group

This is Caroline, Curtis’ millennial marketing manager, and I am sad to announce that I no longer work full time for the Zimmermans. I just moved east so my husband can pursue his second degree, but I’ll still be working […]

How Millennials Translate What Baby Boomers Say

Often, when Baby Boomer Bosses give instructions or make comments to their Millennial employees, they are stunned to see that their instructions aren’t followed and their comments are ignored. Or at least that’s what they think. In reality, I believe that when Baby […]