Transitioning Gracefully

You all know Curtis. He’s the reason you’re reading this in the first place. You don’t know me. My name is Esther and I’ve been working at the Curtis Zimmerman Group for a little over a year now as the […]

How Juggling Changes Lives

Brightly dressed children shouting and laughing flood the streets. Live music plays underneath the crowd’s cheers. Balls and batons are flying through the air. As the sun sets, some brave children begin tossing flaming sticks as well. It sounds like […]

Ruin My Day and I’ll Love You for It

When I think over the companies that I truly respect, the ones that have deeply impressed me with their customer service, they generally are companies who have majorly messed up. It’s one thing to love a company because nothing ever […]

Curtis’ Curations: This entrepreneur could sell snow [cones] to the eskimos

Here are a few articles to read this week: These scientists may have cracked the code on virality — with up to 88% accuracy. Here are 13 of Steve Job’s most inspiring quotes. These are some of the world’s biggest […]

How Juggling Transforms Lives Around the Globe, and How It Can Do the Same for You

The street is flooded with children. Balls and batons are flying through the air. It sounds like chaos, but each object is snagged out of the air with precision as the parade marches on. A week ago, NPR published a […]