"Motivating and impactful.
A great reminder of what is really important." JCPenney

Curtis’ nationally recognized keynote and all day program will transform organizations by inspiring individuals to live their life at a higher level of performance.

Prepare for your team to be empowered, challenged and changed!

"I have attended a good number of 'motivational' and educational seminars in my career. I have long shared that I consider Curtis Zimmerman, with his message and presentation, to be the single best speaker and message I have personally encountered."

Michael G. Morris, Director, Champaign County Economic Development

"I have seen many motivational speakers but have never been impressed until I saw Curtis. His message has had an effect on me and I know I will be able to put the things that I learned to effective use."

Andy Tamburo, Regional Sales Manager, Glazer's


Why Curtis?

  • He keeps his audience entertained and engaged with his highly interactive program

  • He provides real-life principles that can have immediate application

  • He speaks to change lives, not sell books, so he never sells any of his products from the stage

  • He eats fire

  • He spent a half-day behind the counter of McDonald’s, doing research before delivering his keynote to a room of owner/operators and managers, and he’ll put the same effort into researching your company before he speaks to your team members
  • He is a generational leadership expert, having worked with audiences of all ages
  • He reverses attrition
  • He shows up early and leaves late
  • He kicks-off events, energizing audiences for the conference ahead, and he closes events, inspiring individuals to leave the conference committed to making real changes
  • He demands the attention of every person in the room
  • He practices what he preaches
  • He dissolves silos and opens channels of communication across organizations
  • He teaches everyone in the room how to juggle, demonstrating his principle of “failing successfully” every time someone drops the ball
  • His highly interactive program makes for a memorable event that people talk about for years after
  • He has attended literally thousands of events throughout his career, so he is a valuable resource for the planning of your event
  • He’s written a best-selling book that can be purchased for every attendee to take his message to a deeper level

Why Curtis?