"Motivating and impactful.
A great reminder of what is really important." JCPenney

Curtis’ nationally recognized keynote and all day program will transform organizations by inspiring individuals to live their life at a higher level of performance.

Prepare for your team to be empowered, challenged and changed!



“Your message was exactly what the group needed and was delivered with a great balance between the intellectual side and emotional side.”

– Sue Rechner, President/CEO
Swiss Army Brands


“I thought his personality was great, he was entertaining and informative. I think one of the real values was his compassion, and his understanding that everyone has things in their life that may affect the way they relate.”

– Jude Hayes, Consortia Sales Manager


“We increased results 100% over last year…you were so good that I have the challenge of trying to decide what to do for an encore next year. The expectations will be high.”

-Mary Karr, Director


“What an outstanding and inspirational performance.”

– Brad Davis, RAMA Board Chairman at RAC 2006


“Wow! Words cannot describe the experience Fifth Third Bank’s Central Operations Officers had last week. When we embarked on our journey to plan our management outing our wildest expectations could not have prepared us for what our teams experienced.”

– Jennifer L. Bishop, Central Operations Marketing & Communications Manager
Fifth Third Bank


“A big thank you!! We all enjoyed your time with our team and have left richer in our hearts and minds from the time shared with you. Thanks again for a great reminder of what is really important!!”

– Rick Murrell, President
Tropical Shipping


“Your message is universal- your delivery amazing!”

– Chris Nicely, VP of Marketing
Clayton Homes


“The response from our management group to Curtis’ “Living Life at Performance Level” workshop was overwhelming. His message of taking ownership for our lives, and living our dreams inspired and motivated each and every one of our managers who were fortunate enough to hear Curtis’ message. Curtis’ message was one that will last with all of us – on both a professional and personal level, for a very long time to come.”

– Collete C. Brown, Director of Human Resources
Taylor & Springfield Hospitals


“Curtis Zimmerman did an exceptional job speaking to educational leaders from around Colorado at our annual character conference. One of our teachers said his 90 minute session was a life changing experience. Select Curtis as your speaker and the people in your organization will be inspired to reach their full potential.”

– Mark Hyatt, President
The Classical Academy


“Your message is so pure and such a good reminder of how we “should” act and how much positive impact a good attitude can have. As a person that doesn’t buy into the “theme of the month” mentality, our lessons are timeless and I hope to improve because of them.”

– Dan Patterson


“We really enjoyed each and every performance. This was consistently rated as the best part of our orientation program.”

– Sara Connolly, Asst. Dean/Director of Student Orientation
Florida State University


“Curtis is an incredible motivational speaker whether he uses words or not. He has changed many attitudes and encouraged our staff to try new things. He would be an asset and an incredible motivator to any school, business, or community.”

– Linda Reeves, Principal
Englewood Elementary School