The Rise of iEverything: Why Jobs Didn’t Stop At Apple 1

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Too many of us think that if we do one thing really well then we don’t need to worry about ever losing our jobs. But think about it this way: if a company needs to downsize, do you think they are going to keep the graphic designers, the programmers, or those couple of graphic designers who also know programming?

In this day and age, being a one-trick pony won’t get you far. Think about the brands you know and love: do they make one product really well, better than anyone else? Is that all they do?

Think about it this way: what would Apple be today if all it ever built was a good computer? If they never ventured into making iPods, iPhones, or iPads? If they hadn’t continued to grow and add new products to their brand, their struggle against the PC competition would be much greater.

You need to think about yourself as a brand, and your career as a series of new skills you’re developing. You must always be changing and growing and learning, because some day there may be a computer or a 20-year-old who can do your job, plus some, just as well or better than you. What will you have to offer your customers, a.k.a. your employers, when that time comes?

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