Frequent Traveler? Use Rewards Programs!

I am on the road a lot and I have learned some of the great benefits of rewards programs, which I want to share with you.

First, you are more than likely trying to determine which rewards programs you should sign up for. I am here to tell you that you should sign up for all of them! That is right, block off two hours on your schedule and starting signing up—you will be glad that you did.

Sign up for EVERYTHING. Rental car companies, hotel chairs, airlines, etc. Sign up for ALL of them.

You may plan to use the same airline or rental car company or hotel chain each time you travel; however, sometimes things happen and that is simply not possible. Then, you are standing in the airport trying to sign up for a rewards program when you simply do not have the time.

The best way to cover all of your bases and ensure you are still reaping the rewards  is to simply take time to sign up for them all one time—saving you the hassle of navigating the rewards program waters when you simply do not have the time.

Funneling Rewards Points

Rewards points are great—you can get a lot of free stuff that helps making traveling easier (and more affordable) for you in the future.  Some rewards programs will even allow you to funnel your points into another rewards program.

For example, if you rent a car from a rental car company that allows you to “funnel” your points to Delta, then you can try to accumulate most of your points with one rewards program when possible. With that being said, the programs vary and therefore you may accumulate more points by simply leaving the points where they are as opposed to funneling. However, it is essential to note that not all rewards programs will allow you to funnel your points to another program—but some will, so always look out for that added bonus!

Keeping Up With Your Rewards Numbers

When you get to your hotel to check-in, more often than not they will request your rewards numbers. How, exactly, can you keep up with all of the rewards program numbers that you just signed up for? It’s simple—there is an app for that called Key Ring.

With this amazing app, you only have to input the information once and then all of your numbers are stored for ease of access in these situations.

In short, take two hours and sign up for ALL of the rewards programs at one time—you will be glad you did!