An Appearance 40 Years in the Making

  “Please welcome back to the stage Curtis Zimmerman!” I walked on stage into the bright lights and a hushed auditorium. I’ve done this thousands of times in my career, but this time, I felt more gratitude than I’d felt […]

Get Your Professional Branding Ducks in a Row

The executive offices for Universal Studios are directly connected to the park. Every employee entering these offices must go through a screening much like at the airport: IDs are shown, phones comes out of pockets—the whole nine yards. I was […]

Why I Made Him Quit His Job

  Craig has written 15 books. He has traveled the world as a guest lecturer and brand expert. He has secured some of the largest deals for one of the biggest marketing agencies on the planet. But if you had […]

Don’t Make Resolutions

It’s almost 2018, and we live more cluttered lives than ever. What do we do when we wake up? We respond to emails. What do we do when we’re waiting in line? We scroll through Facebook. This time zapped by […]

I Beg Your Pardon

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are taking today to be with your family, to eat too much, and to spend some time reflecting on everything you have to be grateful for. I want to take a moment to talk about turkey. […]