This One Will Stick

I was floored when I saw this commissioned piece of art in the offices of Universal Studios last week. I’ve spoken for the creative minds at Universal many times, but I’d never seen visible proof of how much my message […]

Why the IT Guy is the First Person I Look for at Every Conference

Over the summer, I spoke at a large healthcare conference—it was a three-day event with 2,000 attendees. I was scheduled to speak on two different occasions, both in front of audiences of over 500. When I got to the conference […]

14 Ways to Grow Your Business in 2014

The Curtis Zimmerman Group recently was honored to receive the “2013 Best of Business Award” by the Small Business Community Association (SBCA). What was interesting to me about this is SBCA’s mission statement: “helping others understand that running a business […]

Stop Ignoring Me

No one reads anymore. According to Statistics Brain, the average attention span has dropped to just eight seconds, so if you’ve been asked to speak for 30 minutes or write 1,000 words on a given topic, you can count on […]