Three Gifts

When I was a kid, December 25 was a special day of the year. My siblings and I would wake up way too early, sneak into the living room, and find our gifts. We’d unwrap our presents, but some of […]

Kids Work Day Pays Huge Dividends

It happens all the time. The best laid travel plans get disrupted and, instead of being home in time for dinner, my flight is delayed and I have another night away from home. So I do what I always do […]

The Best Gift for Father’s Day

My life is a busy one, and I am sure yours is too. Unfortunately, this pace of life often keeps us in a state of reacting. I constantly fight this tendency, but once in awhile something really special comes out […]

Why You Need to Make Yourself Available

At a certain point in your career, people are going to want to schedule meetings with you, take you to lunch, use you as a sounding board and ask your advice.  They’re going to want to feel connected to you […]

How to Deal With the People In Your Life That You Didn’t Choose

In my keynote, I talk about the importance of casting your show—surrounding yourself with the people who are going to positively influence your life. But a number of times, I’ve been asked after my speech, “What about the people who […]