Going Viral

YouTube stars have discovered the secret to going viral. Forbes recently revealed the top ten highest paid stars on YouTube for 2016 with the number 1 listed as earning $15 million for his channel where he posts videos of himself […]

If you drop the ball

It’s hard to believe it is March already.  Just about this time of year, the goals I set in January can start to lose their energy and commitment. That’s when I remind myself, it’s only month 3 and not too […]

You Wake Up 30 Minutes Too Late (and so do I)

What’s the very first thing you do in the morning? Do you spring out of bed and head to the gym? Do you sneak into the kitchen to make your spouse a surprise breakfast? Do you tell your kids how […]

Surviving a Layoff and Too Much To Do

You’re going to work every day, putting in the hours, working as hard as you can. You’re known for being a hard worker, so when your company goes through a round of layoffs, you get to stay. But guess what? […]

9 Reasons You’ll Get Fired Tomorrow

In the environment of right-sizing and lean corporate culture, avoid these common pitfalls to keep yourself from falling out of favor. 1)    You’re consistently late. 2)    You’re apathetic about your work. 3)    You don’t look for ways to improve and […]