Four Questions That Will Transform Your Life

  Do you ever feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day? You wake up in the same bed every morning and relive the exact same day over and over. That may be funny when it’s in a movie, but not […]

The World is Your Stage. What’s Your Part?

You’re at work. You’re sitting at your desk, but you could have called in sick and it wouldn’t matter. Really, no one would have noticed. Essentially, you’re there because someone is paying you to look at a computer. You’re working […]

How His Insomnia Gave Hope to Thousands

I remember the first time I heard Ben play the piano. He was totally improvising, and I could tell that for him, the piano is an instrument for getting the music inside of him out into the universe.   Ben […]

This One Will Stick

I was floored when I saw this commissioned piece of art in the offices of Universal Studios last week. I’ve spoken for the creative minds at Universal many times, but I’d never seen visible proof of how much my message […]

Don’t Make Resolutions

It’s almost 2018, and we live more cluttered lives than ever. What do we do when we wake up? We respond to emails. What do we do when we’re waiting in line? We scroll through Facebook. This time zapped by […]