Making every meal a Happy Meal

So I’m not sure how many of you are aware that we at the Curtis Zimmerman Group have been working closely for the past three years with McDonald’s–not only doing live programs, but also providing on-going messaging to develop and […]

FRONT ROW with the Dating Doctor

Happy Valentine’s Day! As you prepare for the day of love, I wanted to share this front row interview with the Dating Doctor from a few years back where he shared thoughts on everything from dating locally to the dangers […]

What Mentorship Means to Me

If the video is not showing, click here. I’ve had some pretty incredible mentors in my life, and the one common denominator is that they weren’t trying to create a “mini me” — someone who could further their careers. Rather, […]

How to Create a Mastermind

In my keynote, I talk about casting your show – choosing the people who are in your life the most. Even if you weren’t born into a family that has success and degrees galore or that inspires and challenges you […]

This is the Most Important Performance Review

We’ve all been through work reviews where you sit down with your boss, go over your past performance, project new goals, and consider whether you deserve a raise or a new title. Your boss takes the time to conduct performance […]