What is Living the Dream?

Everyone will have a best day, and everyone will have a worst day, but the majority of your life will be spent on what I call “just another Tuesday.” Many people spend their Tuesdays walking around like zombies, treating it […]

Going Viral

YouTube stars have discovered the secret to going viral. Forbes recently revealed the top ten highest paid stars on YouTube for 2016 with the number 1 listed as earning $15 million for his channel where he posts videos of himself […]

Your employees are stealing from you (and how to stop it)

Check out these two photos I took last week: Here are some fun facts you may not know about cell phone use: Americans check their phone 8 billion times a day Each individual on average checks their phone 46 times per […]

How to Get in a Habit of Taking Initiative

When people hear that they need to take more initiative at work, they often think that means they need to start coming up with life-changing solutions to their company’s struggles–that they need to take charge and start making many of […]

The Five Penny Challenge

“What a great job you did today!”  Doesn’t it feel good to hear this? We all love getting compliments, but unfortunately, some of us aren’t as good at remembering to give them. This can be especially hard if you are […]