What’s Next on Your List?

As we start off the New Year, feel the full weight of new goals and responsibilities, it can start to get a bit overwhelming. I’ve felt overwhelmed many times. It’s the slow, creeping feeling of doubt that sets in. The […]

The Hidden Value of Going All In

When I work on something, I am all in. I give it my best effort, put in the time and the energy, and work to create something truly amazing. I call this Performance Level. Sometimes, going all in visibly pays […]

How Much Discomfort Can You Handle?

The path to success isn’t comfortable. That’s because growing and changing and challenging yourself is, by nature, uncomfortable. For every inch of growth, there are growing pains. For every change, there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every challenge, […]

If You Survive the Spring Forward, Learn From It

No one likes the Spring Forward. Daylight Saving Time is confusing, its function is hotly debated, our bodies never really adapt, and it’s even been known to cause car accidents. If you’re struggling through this week, the Spring Forward probably […]

Who’s in Your Cast?

If you love your job, I can almost guarantee that the people you work with are part of the reason. The same goes for if you hate your job. The people we surround ourselves with on a daily basis have […]