What Can I Do For You?

There is a “magic” question that will change how you encounter the world and how the world receives you. It goes like this: “What can I do for you?” This question should not be reserved for customer service associates and […]

Your employees are stealing from you (and how to stop it)

Check out these two photos I took last week: Here are some fun facts you may not know about cell phone use: Americans check their phone 8 billion times a day Each individual on average checks their phone 46 times per […]

How to Make A Little (Big) Difference

As a professional speaker, I spend a lot of time at conferences. I’ve literally been to thousands, and every time, I’m always curious to see how the organizers have set everything up to cater to the hundreds of attendees. Recently, […]

This Is What Real Customer Service Looks Like

A couple of weeks ago I was speaking in Miami, and my clients put me up in the Trump National Doral Hotel. It’s a beautiful hotel, and the Trump brand is known for excellent customer service, so I expected to […]

Stop Thinking All About You

Organizations, especially large ones that’ve been around for a few years, over time begin to process things via whatever is easiest for the company. For example: it’s easier to have printable forms on a website rather than to spend the […]