Making every meal a Happy Meal

So I’m not sure how many of you are aware that we at the Curtis Zimmerman Group have been working closely for the past three years with McDonald’s–not only doing live programs, but also providing on-going messaging to develop and […]

How Juggling Changes Lives

Brightly dressed children shouting and laughing flood the streets. Live music plays underneath the crowd’s cheers. Balls and batons are flying through the air. As the sun sets, some brave children begin tossing flaming sticks as well. It sounds like […]

Curtis’ Curations: How to be a super-connector

Here are my worthy reads of the week: 5 reasons you’ll be a better leader as a nice guy than as a tyrant. The ultimate example of projection error (a homeless man makeover). Airbnb is no longer limiting its services […]

Curtis’ Curations: This entrepreneur could sell snow [cones] to the eskimos

Here are a few articles to read this week: These scientists may have cracked the code on virality — with up to 88% accuracy. Here are 13 of Steve Job’s most inspiring quotes. These are some of the world’s biggest […]

Curtis’ Curations: Become an “Irresistible Organization”

Here are a few things worth checking out this week: This airline has the most customer complaints and the highest profit margin — how? Forget employee engagement  — it’s all about creating an “Irresistible Organization.” Do you Google every guest […]