Class of 2017-Keep your feet on the ground

For all those students graduating high school and college, and for all their parents, here is an inspirational story to remind you that, even when you don’t know what you’re going to do or how you’re going to afford it, […]

How Juggling Changes Lives

Brightly dressed children shouting and laughing flood the streets. Live music plays underneath the crowd’s cheers. Balls and batons are flying through the air. As the sun sets, some brave children begin tossing flaming sticks as well. It sounds like […]

How to Save $40k in College

College is expensive. There’s no way around it, and if you want to go to a four-year private institution that offers almost no merit-based scholarships like I did, then you’re really in for trouble. This is Caroline, Curtis’ millennial marketing […]

FRONT ROW with Nick Shine: Three Rules to Rescue Your College Finances

I am right in the middle of my college tour, and one of my favorite things to start my keynote is to ask how many students can tell me what compound interest is. Usually, less than ten percent of those […]

How to Build Your Future

My friend Dr. Will Keim, who is an amazing speaker, says the reason you go to college is to find out what you love and to get good enough at it so someone will pay you to do it the […]