How Juggling Changes Lives

Brightly dressed children shouting and laughing flood the streets. Live music plays underneath the crowd’s cheers. Balls and batons are flying through the air. As the sun sets, some brave children begin tossing flaming sticks as well. It sounds like […]

Why Hiring New People Is So Frustrating (And How to Make It Easier)

High employee turnover is one of the most expensive problems a company can have. Even if you’re hiring new employees who technically has the same number of years of experience, they don’t have experience at your company to know how […]

How to Prepare for Positive Reviews

Referrals are how most things sell in the modern market. Traditional advertising and marketing only has a fraction of the impact that a one-to-one recommendation does, and, unfortunately, it’s the same for one-to-one negative reviews as well. A few months […]

Become a Better Speaker in One Year

If the video is not showing, click here. Whether or not you’re interested in becoming a professional speaker, all of us are required to speak in public at one time or another. It’s nearly impossible to be in a leadership […]