Why Hiring New People Is So Frustrating (And How to Make It Easier)

High employee turnover is one of the most expensive problems a company can have. Even if you’re hiring new employees who technically has the same number of years of experience, they don’t have experience at your company to know how […]

How to Prepare for Positive Reviews

Referrals are how most things sell in the modern market. Traditional advertising and marketing only has a fraction of the impact that a one-to-one recommendation does, and, unfortunately, it’s the same for one-to-one negative reviews as well. A few months […]

Become a Better Speaker in One Year

If the video is not showing, click here. Whether or not you’re interested in becoming a professional speaker, all of us are required to speak in public at one time or another. It’s nearly impossible to be in a leadership […]

How to Give Speakers a Bad Name

“Today I am here to tell you about my 9 Steps to Achieving Success and Happiness. But I’m afraid we only have time for me to share three of those steps. If you’d like to hear about the other six […]