Life at Performance Level

Meet the book that captures all the energy and inspiration of Curtis’ keynote. The conversational approach and compelling stories contained in its pages will challenge you to pursue Life at Performance Level—the highest, most polished degree of excellence.

Drawing from his own experiences, Curtis shares a message of discovery and triumph. He goes beyond the message of “self-improvement” by positioning your life as a performance: you must determine your role, write your script, and cast your show wisely to live your dream. 

In Life at Performance Level, Curtis shares insights on topics such as…

  • How to Live the Dream by crafting your dreams to make them reality
  • How to write your script, determine the story, your role and your purpose
  • How to act with passion and fail successfully
  • How to cast your show wisely and rid yourself of poisonous people
  • How to find a mentor and expand your repertoire
  • How to overcome stage fright or the fear of failure
  • Once you take your bow, the importance of giving it all away

Curtis’ humor and heartwarming stories remind us that the life you live and the life you want to live are separated by only one thing—you. You have the power to choose, to examine your life, to look at all the characters, the plot, the scenery, and the lighting. This is a life lived at Performance Level.

“A simple yet profound perspective to not only transform your career and your relationships, but your life. ”

— Tommy Spaulding, New York Times best-selling author of It’s Not Just Who You Know

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