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About Curtis

The keynote speaker who redefined corporate culture.

Your next event is fast approaching, and this year, you want to do something different. You want people to leave inspired, and you want your investment to make them more passionate about their work when they come in next Tuesday.

Whether you’re a CEO looking for the perfect way to kick off the new era you’re starting or a meeting planner looking for a keynote that makes people forget about their phones, Curtis’ interactive presentation will deliver the energy you’re looking for.

Curtis’ Story

As a speaker and author, Curtis Zimmerman has impacted over one million people with his life-changing messages and award-winning programs. Curtis is an expert at transforming organizations by inspiring individuals to live their lives at performance level.

Curtis started his entrepreneurial career at the age of twelve by marketing and managing himself as a mime and juggler.  He became a nationally-recognized mime, performing at Universal Studios-Hollywood (where he won Entertainer of the Year), Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, and arts centers across the nation. He then took to the seas, performing on numerous cruise ships.

How did a mime and a juggler become an inspirational speaker? When Curtis settled back on land, his energy shifted to students and teachers.  He became a highly sought-after consultant and inspirational speaker for the arts in education, and his performances empowered individuals to see the difference they could make in the life of a child.

The word spread.  Community and college leaders embraced Curtis’ message and asked him to share with their organizations. Fortune 100 companies took notice, inviting him to speak and transform the culture of their corporations. 

Audiences connect with Curtis through his humor, personal stories, interactive style and approachable manner. Incorporating the skills he gained from over twenty-five years in the entertainment industry, he masterfully balances education and entertainment.

Curtis is the author of the #1 nationally best-selling book Life at Performance Level, as well as I Believe…What do you Believe? and Keys to Success in College and Life. He was honored with the National Leadership Award for outstanding service from United States Congressman Tom Reynolds, is a member of the National Speakers Association, and has achieved the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation.

Curtis has spoken for 20,000 Airmen at the United States Air Force and other notable companies such as Walt Disney Entertainment, Swiss Army Brands, Universal Parks & Resorts, Luxottica Retail and Procter and Gamble.

Curtis currently resides in the greater Cincinnati area with his wife and three children.

Why Curtis?

  • Curtis tailors his keynote by having pre-event calls with key people to align his content with specific challenges of the group
  • He kicks-off events, energizing audiences for the conference ahead, and he closes events, inspiring individuals to leave the conference committed to making real changes
  • People don’t look at their phones during Curtis’ program, and he doesn’t use a powerpoint.
  • He uses heart-level stories and humor to loosen people up.
  • His background in performing sets him apart, giving him the intuition to understand his audience.
  • His content centers around the empowering, easy-to-grasp metaphor of your life as a performance
  • Curtis’ program is full of increasingly interactive activities to activate each of his main points for another layer of learning.
  • C-suite executives go from sitting back in their seats to a standing ovation by the end of his program.
  • He dissolves silos and opens channels of communication across organizations.
  • His program is so memorable that people talk about for years after the event.
  • He’s written a best-selling book that can be purchased for every attendee to take his message to a deeper level.
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